Help Shift the Mindset from Consumers to Producers

Help Shift the Mindset from Consumers to Producers

Who Can Be a Sponsor?

We appreciate support from Southern California businesses, NPOs and individuals that believe in this great opportunity to position themselves as one who is helping to build the next generation of (women) innovators! As a sponsor, you will get exposure to up-and-coming developers, tech professionals, companies and community members! Your organization will be featured prominently in communications, web presence, social media, press mentions and event displays.

​Your sponsorship will enable us to:
  • Promote the event and recruit young talents
  • ​Host pre-event programming workshops for curious minds
  • Secure access to a state-of-the-art event facility
  • Provide transportation for students in need
  • Host post-event career workshops to prepare the girls for the world of work
    ​And of course, FOOD AND PRIZES for the event! ​

Silver Level Sponsors

Gold Level Sponsors

Ready to Sponsor?

Visit ​
​In the "Enter your own designation" box, use "Women's Hackathon"