All You Need To Know About Raven Quest

Recent reports from dAppRadar and dAppRadar, the Blockchain Game Alliance and (BGA) Play-to Earn (P2E), games generated $2.5 trillion in capital over the first quarter. The figure is predicted to rise to $10 billion by year’s end according to dAppRadar. The explosive growth of the investment in blockchain-based gaming has enticed many companies and developers to create their own game based on blockchain.

A majority of Blockchain games that are available or in development are not meaningfully playable or are only a sloppy simulation. It’s not shocking that the investors, players and even token holders might disappear after a few months following the launch of a game. It will make the investment useless and render the idea useless. This can lead to slow acceptance of blockchain-based games. It is important to integrate blockchain functionality, long-term adoption of blockchain games can only be accomplished if game designers and game companies focus more on creating fantastic games instead of integrating Blockchain functionalities.

Raven Quest is an innovative GameFi project that is focused on creating a blockchain-based MMORPG for long-term blockchain adoption by gaming communities, while encouraging its players to play by the model of Play-to-Earn.

What is Raven Quest?

Raven Quest is a play-to-earn MMO game built using the polygon blockchain that gives players a non-decentralized open-world gaming experience in which players are able to take possession of a plot of land to build their own farm and home. It’s the first game that is completely free and has a significantly higher playing experience than other blockchain games that require players to buy NFT or other cryptocurrency in order to play the game.

Raven Quest allows players the capability to accumulate NFTs that can be combined to make powerful weapons, and then trade on NFT markets. Ravencards are also collected by players to make NFT gaming characters.

Raven Quest’s open nature enables players to act whatever they want in a genuinely immersive and dynamic evolving environment full of tales, puzzles, players choices, and a vibrant economic system that’s driven by the player and powered by self-balancing algorithms.

Raven Quest’s Tokenomics

A GameFi project’s tokenomics are crucial to its longevity. This is particularly true for MMORPGs. Raven Quest has a single tokenomics system and a community-driven economy that uses its innovative self-balancing system called the Tradepack system.

$SBT Token:

Raven Quest incentivizes its players using Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT) cryptocurrency tokens. The currency in game is gold coins that can be exchanged to purchase Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT) on their marketplace.

The limit for each day’s $SBT is determined by the number of activities your community and you take part in, as well as the amount of passive income they could earn.

RavenQuest recognizes that inflation is ongoing so there isn’t a fixed exchange rate between the two currencies of Gold and $SBT. Instead $SBT is a fixed prize fund that is distributed to all players who have played the game and won Gold.

You can also trade $SBT for real-world cash, or use it to increase Gold earning potential by purchasing Estates, Mounts, Ships & Wagons, Workers, Ravencards and other game-related items.

The Takeaway The Takeaway Raven Quest Release Date

Raven Quest will be released in the third quarter or the fourth quarter in 2022. Raven Quest has been in development for 5 years and is well-known in the online community.

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