Things You Should Know About Plastic Consulting Services

Phantom Plastics is a leading provider of plastics consulting services as well as polymers. If you’re having a problem that needs immediate attention, or need a breakthrough material, reach us for a chat with Chris DeArmitt PhD, President of Phantom Plastics.

How a Professional Plastics Consultant Can Help?

Much of what we believe about plastics or our environment are based on myths found online , as well as other sources that are not reliable. How can we tell which myths are true and which are not? Chris has many years of experience in plastics and can help you determine what is truthful.

According to research according to studies, three out of four Americans underestimate their capacity to spot fake news. This is an indication regarding plastics. This means that the majority of Americans believe in the lies regarding plastics. This means is that we need to find reputable sources we can trust to give us the truth.

Chris is a well-known plastics materials scientist. He has spent the majority of his life studying research and writing articles looking for the truth. His mission is to educate people about plastics , and to help people understand what is and isn’t true regarding these materials. He is also committed to solving problems and creating new products for customers who are stuck and frustrated.

Design and create exceptional plastics formulations

With over 30 years of experience in the industry and a love of all things science, Chris has unparalleled knowledge of plastics. He has also solved problems for companies that have many PhD scientists working for them. Chris is an PhD chemist and has been studying plastics for many years. He knows the material on a molecular basis, and is able to develop new materials in a way that is more intelligent instead of simply trying new items to see what’s effective. His clients can save a lot of time, money, and frustration through this approach.

If you’re dealing with a situation that requires immediate action, or you’re looking for a novel solution to fix an ongoing issue, he can help you!

Chris can assist with any issue you be facing with thermoplastics.

– PE

– PP



– Nylon

If you require a stabilizer or mineral filler, a compatibilizer, or any other aid, he can create customized recipes.

Get Expert Help Today!

Phantom Plastics is here to help you solve your frustrations. Chris has created custom recipes for both small and large customers, including Fortune 500 companies as well as family-owned enterprises. Chris will handle your project with the same respect and urgency as any other client, no matter how large or small. He is truly passionate about solving problems for clients and helping them realize the true meaning of plastic.

– Phantom Plastics can assist with all plastic-related needs, including:

– Problem finding solution

– Develop breakthrough products and materials to propel you ahead

– Information about plastics

– Discover more about plastics in an an efficient and useful method.

– Supporting you in growing your network by connecting with potential customers, partners, and distributors

– Strategies for creation that work

– As your adviser

Are you in need of more information?

Contact us now to learn more about Phantom Plastics and how we can assist you. Chris will be listening to what you need and show you how he can assist.

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